Chief Architect and authors

Sharon Taylor (Aspect Group Inc) Chief Architect
Majid Iqbal (Carnegie Mellon University) Author
Michael Nieves (Accenture) Author

ITIL authoring team

The ITIL authoring team contributed to this guide through commenting on content and alignment across the set. So thanks are also due to the other ITIL authors, specifically Jeroen Bronkhorst (HP), David Cannon (HP), Gary Case (Pink Elephant), Ashley Hanna (HP), Shirley Lacy (ConnectSphere), Vernon Lloyd (Fox IT), Ivor Macfarlane (Guillemot Rock), Stuart Rance (HP), Colin Rudd (ITEMS), George Spalding (Pink Elephant) and David Wheeldon (HP).


Phil Montanaro and Bill Powell.

Further contributions

A number of people generously Acknowledgements contributed their time and expertise to this Service Strategy publication. Jim Clinch, as OGC Project Manager, is grateful to the support provided by Accenture to the authoring team on the development of this publication, particularly the contribution of Jack Bischof; and to the support of Ralph Russo (Merrill Lynch), Jenny Dugmore, Convenor of Working Group ISO/IEC 20000, Janine Eves, Carol Hulm, Aidan Lawes and Michiel van der Voort.

The authors would also like to thank D. Neil Gissler, Ran S. Mangat, Damian Harris, William McVicker, Cheryl Deitcher, William Farler, Maria Veyon, Ryan J. Thomas and Suzon Crowell of Accenture.

In Acknowledgements order to develop ITIL Service Management Practices to reflect current best practice and produce publications of lasting value, OGC consulted widely with different stakeholders throughout the world at every stage in the process. OGC would also like to thank the following individuals and their organizations for their contributions to refreshing the ITIL guidance:

The ITIL Advisory Group

Pippa Bass, OGC; Tony Betts, Independent; Alison Cartlidge, Xansa; Diane Colbeck, DIYmonde Solutions Inc; Ivor Evans, DIYmonde Solutions Inc; Karen Ferris, ProActive; Malcolm Fry, FRY-Consultants; John Gibert, Independent; Colin Hamilton, RENARD Consulting Ltd; Lex Hendriks, EXIN; Signe-Marie Hernes Bjerke, Det Norske Acknowledgements Veritas; Carol Hulm, British Computer Society-ISEB; Tony Jenkins, DOMAINetc; Phil Montanaro, EDS; Alan Nance, ITPreneurs; Christian Nissen, Itilligence; Don Page, Marval Group; Bill Powell, IBM; Sergio Rubinato Filho, CA; James Siminoski, SOScorp; Robert E. Stroud, CA; Jan van Bon, Inform-IT; Ken Wendle, HP; Paul Wilkinson, Getronics PinkRoccade; Takashi Yagi, Hitachi.


John Adam, HP; Allan Aitchison, KPMG; Nathan Akers, Active Consulting; Oscar Almadin, IBM; Iyas Al-Sarabi, Y-consult; Uade Alukpe; Jens Jakob Andersen, Post Danmark A/S; Steve Ashing, Independent; Hartwig Bazzanella; Charles Betz, EDS; Thomas Betz, EDS; Emma Bevan, Afiniti; Michael Billimoria, ITS; Marcus Binet, Redworld Acknowledgements; Janaki Chakravarthy, Infosys Technologies Limited; Constantinos Christofi, EMC/Accenture; Jorgen Clausen, Danfoss A/S; Luiz Antonio Comar; Jorge Luis Cordenonsi, IBM; Petrovic Dalibor, Deloitte & Touche, LLP; Graham Donoghue, Ngrid; David Favelle, Lucid IT; Maamar Ferkoun, IBM; Stephen Fritts, CTG Inc; Franco Gaggia, EDS; Mark Gillett, Alvarez and Marsal (Europe) Ltd; Leanne Gregory, IBM Australia Ltd; Geert Hahn, EDS Business Solutions GmbH; Sandra Hendriks, News Ltd; David Hinley, Gnet; Eu Jin Ho, UBS; Caspar Honee, Unisys; Young Hong, Samsung SDS; Chris Hunter, Network Rail Ltd; Peter Isbell; Rene Jacob, HP; Sharma Jitendra, Satyam; David Johnton, DAJex Ltd; Bill Ye Jun Acknowledgements, HP; Jeyaganesh Kannan, IBM; Dwight Kayto, Sasktel; Magda Kilby, Richemont; Eddie Kilkelly, ILX Group; Andreas Knaus, Santix AG; Michael Koerfer; Michael Kresse, Serview; Aron Kumar, Accenture; Soren Laursen, Novo Nordisk A/S; Simon Learoyd, iCore Ltd; Laura Lee, Pink Elephant; Ragnar Loken, RLBR; David Lynch, GCHQ; Jan Mandrup, IBM; Edward Mangiaratti, Court Square Data Group; Jak Marion, Stavtech; Gaetan Mauguin, Bearing Point; Manoj Kumar Mauni, Maersk Global Services Centres; Patrick Mcguire; Daniel McLean, US Cellular Corporation; Chris Molloy, IBM; Michael Muenzinger, EDS; Jason Mugridge, BT; Hamid Nouri, Nouri Associates; Michael Orr, IBM; Joel Pereira, iCore Ltd; Robin Piepjohn Acknowledgements, Icisinst; Daniel Rolles, Lend Lease; Oscar Rozalen Gaitan, Comunycarse Network Consultants; Michael Rueggeberg, EDS; Marianna Ruocco, Pink Elephant; Monalisa Sarkar, TCS; Frances Scarff, OGC; Rainer Schmidt, HTV Aalen; Karsten Smet, Microsoft; Martin Steffens, EDS Australia; Harald Steier, Ewico; Thorsten Steiling, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH; Mark Ross Sutherland, G2G3; Anil Tamirisa, Accenture; Roy Taylor, Northampton ac; Tikoo Vijay, Satyam; Lief Wadhvana, Canada Ontario Government; Jason Week, Microsoft; Mark Whelan, Servo Computer Services; John Windebank, Sun Microsystems Ltd; Frederieke Winkler Prins, Service Management Partners; Zachariah Wyckoff, Microsoft; John Seah Yam-Sung, Everest Innovation Pte Ltd; Rob Young, Fox IT; Steffi Zoeller, EDS.


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